The Workshop: “Rework Your Life”

Richard Bandler once said “A lot of people are doing life and not living life.” The programme-  “Rework of your life” , conducted by Thousand Thoughts on 15th June 2019, Saturday, at 91 Springboard Nehru Place Delhi was about maximizing the moments that life gives us and focused on the importance of facing ones problems. “When life gives you rough waves; surf em!”


Picture Courtesy: Thousand Thoughts Organisation

In this programme, sessions were conducted on Turning Timelines, Unchain your Inner Child, Befriending emotions and the right to live a crazy and honest life  with assorted tools of Neuro Linguistic Programming coached by Certified NLP Trainers, creator of Thousands Thoughts Organisation Mr. Rohit Kumar and our Motivational Speaker and Inspirer Ms Divyangi Walia.

They shared techniques to master the recipe of Self Love and help the devoted participants to get rid of the emotional baggage who waved the conclusion of the workshop with happy energy and commitment towards a powerful and purposeful life. Our aspiring participants were very happy and satisfied with the outcome and impact of the programme and they were ready to Rework on their life and keen to attend such sessions again.


Picture Courtesy: Thousand Thoughts Organisation
Our certified trainers had a quick Q&A session with the enthusiastic participants during tea & snacks break, and were happy to know how our trainers listened to their query and responded accurately.


Picture Courtesy: Thousand Thoughts Organisation

In every workshop our trainers always try new techniques and are happy to take any feedback to get to know the participants and their purpose for attending this programme.

We are happy to announce you that we are taking this programme to Jaipur on 29th June 2019,  check out our website or you can call/WhatsApp us to know the timing and venue.


Picture Courtesy: Thousand Thoughts Organisation
We are Thousands Thoughts Organisation and we are here to inspire every human soul. Let us help you communicate with yourself and with others. After all there is delight at the end of every tunnel.

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