What do you do when law of attraction manifestation fails?

We all have been learning that law of attraction can help you manifest your dreams and desires successfully but what if you fail.

Law of Attraction

Law of attraction is a universal law.it always works. While setting up the manifestation process, practitioners are advised to set a time by which they would accomplish manifestation successfully.

Say for instance, buying a car by October 15, becoming financially for the by the end of this year, losing weight in 90 days and so on.

Good idea and that’s really great to begin manifestation.in fact I use them. And they really were great for me. But I do something differently. I want to share that with you.

Before I share, but we also share the story with you to help you understand better. A guru caused his disciples to chase ducks and catch hold of them. He made up saying that it would take nine minutes for any of his students to usually catch a duck. Couple of students started chasing to ducks each.one managed to catch the duck around the nine minute mark and the other failed.

The disciple who failed approached the guru with disappointment. He expressed that he offered his best effort to catch the dark in under nine minutes. However, he failed. And so he questioned the guru was the nine minute mark really valid in the first place?

To which the guru answered, if I had told you 12 minutes was the time to usually catch a duck, anyone of you would have believed that and succeeded to but around 12 minutes instead of nine minutes. However, few fail. And that’s okay.

But if you notice closely, said the guru to the disappointed disciple, you worked as if you knew you would succeed in under nine minutes. The nine minute or the 12 minute mark is just a frame of time. This motivates you to chase the goal and succeed within that mark. With all our conscious belief, we would even work hard and give efforts as if they would then within that timeframe.

The guru added saying, few succeed and few fail. And most of the people who fail, they also give up. Now that’s not how the universe works.

Your manifestation time must not be confused with your frame of time that you begin with. We usually do not know or manifestation time. This is the actual time when you’re goals are brought into reality. However we all begin with a set frame of time. Now this set frame of time actually motivates us to work hard with a sense of belief that we are going to achieve within this timeframe. Now it’s good if you succeed. But if you fail, what should you do?

It only means that your manifestation time is greater than your timeframe. However, having worked so hard with that kind of belief even within your timeframe was actually putting you closer to the real manifestation time. You did not lose by not achieving your goals within the timeframe. Rather, you actually came much closer to your manifestation time.

Perhaps we really not so in putative to clearly decide are manifestation time as our timeframe. Most people cannot really do that. But we all begin with a time frame. This is a guiding light for us. And we must follow the path of this guiding light with deep gratitude and great sense of belief. We must understand that though we may not see the reality of manifestation yet, the must still march forward with faith in our hearts. Such faith brings you closer to manifestation.

So people who fail in achieving their goals within the set time frame, they do not give up. Because they do not give up, keep up with their efforts and continue to march forward.

However, few practitioners would begin to complain. By this point of time. Saying, that law of attraction is not working, manifestation did not happen by the deadline, law of attraction used to work before it is not working for me now. So here’s what I got to say. Law of attraction works. And in fact it is exactly working all the time.

Your set timeframe has actually helped you to put efforts in a lot better manner. Had you not said that timeframe and still work towards your goals, you would not have really put in that kind of efforts.so the set timeframe is actually intended to bring out the best out of you and bring you closer to manifestation.it is good if you’re lucky and managed to manifest under the time. However if you do not, if you fail in manifesting under the time, but still has managed to give your best efforts up until then-only means you closer to your manifestation than ever before, it does not mean you failed.

so the guru further explained, that it is not about nine minute mark or 12 minute mark.it is about whether you belief that you could achieve within the nine minute mark or the 12 minute mark or even the three minute mark and work towards your goals like that. Because your belief in the timeframe can really create wonders. Because, there is magic in power of believing.

And it’s okay to fail, but it’s not okay to give up. Because manifestation is just around the corner.

So such are the secrets, tiny and big, that the manifestation Masters have known. 



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