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Through not doing too much one has amplitude of reserve power. Through not presuming to be first in the world one can develop one’s talent and let it mature,’ says Lao Tzu’s sutra in Tao Teh King.

When you are not a doer,you have so much energy you become a reservoir,a great lake,full of energy;and that lake becomes a mirror in which the whole is mirrored and reflected.

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Ordinarily,if you are a doer — and all are doers — you are always frustrated,your energy is always less,lower than your need.How can you reach the ultimate on such a low level of energy? Energy should be preserved. It should become a deep lake within you,so that you can reflect on the whole.

If you are in competition,trying to be first in the world,you will miss your being totally, because there will be no time to allow it to grow and mature.

If you are not competitive and ambitious, then the whole energy is available for your own being to grow, to mature, to bloom; otherwise, the whole energy moves in so many directions. Somebody has got a beautiful car. Now you cannot tolerate this.You have to have a better car than your neighbour,you have to waste your energy for a better car.Then somebody has got a better bungalow.

Now you have to get a better bungalow, because how can you be defeated by ordinary neighbours? The whole life is wasted.And finally, you find that in competing with your neighbours,you have committed suicide. Remember,you are here to be yourself.Live in the world as if you are alone. Live in the world as if there is nobody who lives by your side;there is no neighbour, just you alone.And then choose your path.There will be no competition.

There will be only inner growth and maturity. And if you can become that which you are already,only then there will be fulfilment.You can become somebody else, but there will be no fulfilment. You can become a Rockefeller,a Ford, you can become anything; but when you have achieved it, you will simply come to realise that this was not your destiny.

You have achieved somebody else’s destiny. How can it fulfil you? Your destiny may have been a small one,a simple one — that you were going to become a flute player.Now you have become President of America. Now what to do with this? The whole life is wasted.And now if you start playing a flute, people will think you are foolish.

And you will be confused.All sense of direction will be lost. Remember you are here to be only you and nobody else.Don’t allow anybody else to manipulate you,and don’t try to manipulate anybody else.You are not here to fulfil anybody else’s expectations,nor is anybody else here to fulfil your expectations.

Each individual is unique, sacred, divine. Imagine the whole world disappears and you are alone on the earth. What will you do? Just think — what will you do if the whole of humanity disappears. Leaving only you on the earth;what will you do? Just close your eyes sometimes and see what you will do. If it comes to you that you will dance,then that is your destiny.Dance, or if you think that you will just relax under a tree and go to sleep — go under a tree and go to sleep.

That is your destiny.Just think of yourself alone — and you are alone really — and then you will feel fulfilled. Small things fulfil if they are in tune with your being. Even great things cannot fulfil if they are not in tune with you.Tao,The Three Treasures.

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