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You’ve met a (seemingly) great guy.  He’s charismatic and exciting.  He showers you with attention and never wants to be without you.  Sure, you’ve got some concerns.  Maybe there are details of his life which don’t add up or maybe he seems to be a bit fake at times. “You’re just being paranoid,” you tell your inner voice.  Or are you?  Here are a few signs he may be a sociopath.
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He’s Incredibly Charming

Women don’t fall for sociopaths because they’re boring.  In fact, most sociopathic men are extremely fun to be around – at least in the beginning.  They have a knack for drawing women in with their magnetic personalities, wild senses of humor, and their love of flattering and complimenting us.  It’s difficult not to get sucked in.
Chances are, however, you’ll feel your gut warning you something just isn’t right.  Unfortunately, you’re having so much fun and have been made to feel so special that it can be very difficult to listen to it.

He is Highly Manipulative

He has a way of getting you to do what he wants, when he wants you to do it.  He isn’t happy unless he is in control of both you and the relationship.  While he may use fear, charm, guilt, or deception – or a combination of any and all – to get you to do his bidding, domination is always his motivation.
While the vast majority of women couldn’t imagine a guy being able to convince us to do something illegal, unethical, or shady, sociopaths have a knack for spotting our weaknesses and preying on us when we’re vulnerable.  So be on guard.  If a man ever encourages, expects, or demands you do something you are not comfortable with, draw on your inner strength and tell him “no.”

He Has an Enormous Ego

The sociopath is masterful at selling himself.  He knows exactly what to say to make you feel as though he truly is something special.  There are his successes of course, both personal and professional.  He’ll showcase his attributes and talents every chance he gets.  And he will absolutely brag about all the other women who want him.  It won’t be long before you’ll feel lucky to have such an incredible man in your life.
Sociopaths are narcissists.  They have an inflated sense of themselves and believe they are better than others – you included.  So if he makes himself seem too good to be true, you can guarantee he absolutely is.

He Rushes the Relationship Along too Quickly

Sociopaths don’t want you to get to know their dark side before you are hooked.  If you did, you’d have little trouble walking away, right?  And so, in an effort to hide themselves, they move the relationship along at a fast and furious pace.  Having sex?  It will be nearly instantaneous.  Telling you he loves you?  Give it a few days.  Wanting to spend every minute with you?  Within a week.
Yes, it can be tempting to get caught up in his whirlwind.  A big part of you will desperately want to believe you’ve inspired such passion and it is hard not to want to play his games.  Even so, do yourself a favor and make him slow down.  If he doesn’t accept (and respect) your pace, you can guarantee he was up to no good.

He Lacks Empathy and Guilt

A sociopath won’t say “I’m sorry” when he’s hurt you.  In fact, hurting you doesn’t bother him much at all.  This is especially confusing after how intensely he pursued you and how into you he seemed to be.  The truth is your feelings matter very little to him.
He will also blame others for his mistakes and won’t take responsibility for his actions.  Everything is somebody else’s fault.  After all, it’s their problem, not his.  And you’ll drive yourself crazy attempting to make him understand what he’s done wrong – which he never will.