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13 Facts About The Life Of Osho, The Indian Mystic. – Thousand Thoughts

Osho, the Indian mystic, spiritual guru or sex guru (for some) had an  immense impact on the culture and religion of India. Although,  originally from India, Osho faced various troubles and criticism in his  own country; on the other hand, he was highly respected and earned a  name as spiritual leader in western countries.

1. Osho, also known as Archarya Rajneesh, was born as Chandra Mohan Jain on 11 December 1931.
Came to be known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh in 1960s and Osho during 1970-80s.


2. His major talks and preaching include sexuality. He advocated an open, free and straight attitude towards sex.
For this he was criticized by the Indian press and had earned a sobriquet as ‘sex guru’.


3. Osho owned 98 Roll Royces, all of which were donated by his disciples.
When  people asked him why he didn’t donate them to the poor, he said, “Every  religion in the world is taking care of the poor, why can’t they just  let me take care of the rich?”


4. The book that Osho praised the most was ‘The Book Of Mirdad’, which only a few people around the globe read, and fewer liked.


5.  In his dissertation, he mostly spoke about his original analysis and  views on the writings of religious traditions, mystics and philosophers  from around the world.
Due to which, he soon started attracting westerners.


6. Not receiving immense fan following in India, Rajneesh relocated to the United States in 1981.
Where  his followers established an international community that later came to  be known as Rajneeshpuram near Antelope, Oregon, south of The Dalles.


7.  Rajneesh was the eldest of 11 children born to a cloth merchant in the  house of his maternal grandparents in Kuchwada, a small Indian village  in the Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh.


8.  Due to his parents’ busy schedule, Osho had to live with his maternal  grandparents and was majorly influenced by his grandmother.
But after his grandfather died, he went to Gadarwara to live with his parents.


9. After some years, Osho became an anti-theist and was keenly interested in hypnosis, with which he was briefly associated.


10. At the age of 21, his parents pressurized him to get married. On 21st March, 1953 he became spiritually enlightened under a tree in Bhanvartal Garden, Jabalpur.


11. Osho was harshly criticized by Indian religious leaders and the press for “making empty rituals and fake promises”.
On the other hand, he started getting a loyal fan following which  included wealthy merchants and businessmen from around the world.


12.  Osho’s secretary, Laxmi Thakarsi Kuruwa, who was the daughter of one of  his followers, a wealthy Jain who was Osho’s first disciple, was named  ‘Ma Yoga Laxmi’ by Osho.


13. Osho continued his teachings, and died on January 9, 1990 in Pune from a heart attack. (Some sources say, he was killed by the government of America.)

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