Stay Hungry , Stay Foolish.

Remember that saying by Steve Jobs.?

 “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.”

It’s easy to understand and interpret what he meant to say by this..

Stay hungry:

Have a want, or need to feel like what you have right now isn’t enough. You can always build something better. One day, there will be something better and more important than even the iPad.

Stay foolish:

Notions like “that isn’t possible” or “no one’s ever done that so we can’t” should be something you foolishly cast to the wind because that kind of thinking isn’t how you change things but instead how you maintain the status quo.


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This is what I believe in, because those who are actually hungry are unstoppable and they seriously don’t give a damn to those who restrict them; be a situation or people around them. They live for something great, they live to achieve big. They are the ones who pursue their greatness.

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