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Sri Sri

As the saying goes, it is always mind over matter. The quality of one’s life is determined by the state of the mind. If the mind is at ease, one is able to manage all activities whether household, professional or social with ease.

If the mind is disturbed conflict arises even between spouses who have married after years of intense romance and courtship! And if the mind is calm, one can even smile to an enemy.

The mind is the most powerful instrument in the universe. It can transcend space and time and go the farthest reaches of the Universe.

Management begins in the mind. When the mind manages itself better, it can manage anything.

Management is about managing minds, diverse thoughts, tendencies, diverse perception. Both positive and negative thoughts emanate from the very same brain. But when we do not know the mechanics of mind and its influence on life, it becomes hard to manage. Being better aware of our own mind helps us to understand life and its dynamics better. It makes management easy.

Human life is structured just like an atom. At the center of the atom is the nucleus, with the neutrons and protons, and a field of negative charges orbits it. Similarly, we too have virtues at the center of our being. However, if we have not reached the core, we roam the outer orbits.

Spiritual techniques like meditation help one reach there. It gathers the chattering mind into a focused stream of energy. A torch sheds dim light, and does nothing more. If the same light is concentrated to a very high degree, it becomes a laser beam, which can cut the hardest metal. A dissipated and unfocussed mind cannot achieve anything. A focused mind can move the world.

The question is how do we keep the mind focused when it keeps flitting between the past and the future. There is a built-in mechanism to calm the mind in each person, but seldom one is taught how to use it. Attending to it is spirituality. The key to managing the mind is meditation and silent contemplation. If we invest a few minutes in meditation and silence every day, a whole new dimension of life opens up.


Author: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


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