How to Overcome Procrastination?

Everyone procrastinates sometimes, but studies says that around 20 percent of people have developed a habit of avoiding difficult tasks and then offering excuses for the same. 90% of you reading this will suffer from ugly habit of procrastination, anything later, anything tomorrow, its not at last date from renewing your card, paying the bills or a master health checkup.

By postponing your health checkup for so long probably that symptom has now grown into a disease that you will have to fight. The first time you’ve found that you face difficulties in moving on to the stairs you could have treated it but this is the result of your procrastination that now you’re a candidate for open heart surgery.


Remember it’s not at all good to procrastinate, things might not be in your favor but the moment you decide to take Inspired Actions You will see a transformation. But if you decide it to procrastinate for any reason, it will trouble you later at a stage when you will have no control over the situation.

When asked, they (Procrastinators) may say that they perform better under pressure, but it is just an excuse they put to justify themselves.


If you’ve found yourself putting off important tasks over and over again, you’re not alone. In fact, many people procrastinate to some extent – but some people are so affected by procrastination that it prevents them from realising their potential.

Now the question is “how to end Procrastination”? I am here to share with you some of the ways to overcome this habit of Procrastination.

 1. Bring it on Paper.

You hardly remember what you’ve said. Bringing your goals on paper will help you to execute it well with pre determined set of idea.


2. Start with small targets.  

When you set high goals, it becomes easy to procrastinate after few setbacks. You need to break that huge thing into smaller manageable targets. That can be achieved in phases.


3. Work on Visualization:  

Visualization triggers your thoughts, Bring it in your routine life. Visualize what you want, where you want to be in days to come. Imagine how you feel when you succeed, imagine what change you could feel when you do not procrastinate. Bring in that feeling of celebrations for what you’ve achieved. Make it bigger, bring it closer, feel what your loved ones are feeling on your success.


4. Use your fear. 

Fear is an emotion that can keep you stuck. Remember it’s just an emotion, you can use it the way you want. It has no power to prevent you from taking actions, unless you surrender yourself. Focus on what would be the result if you will not take any action now? You will have nothing except a time wasted. This feeling will trigger you to take required actions to achieve the set target. Remember, wrong actions will take you somewhere but inactions will take you nowhere.


5. Be accountable to yourself:   

Make a checklist to cross check at the end of day for what you have planned for the day and what you actually did. Introspecting will help you to you to be focused and on track. With the practice of few days you can make certain changes in the way you report to yourself. You can allot maximum time that you can afford to complete a task. Compare it with actual time you have taken.


6. Give Incentives/Rewards:

Who doesn’t like to be rewarded? Everyone does. So start celebrating what you achieve. Fix somehing as an incentive that motivates you to do more. Like, celebrating weekend after you’ve worked hard whole week, or if you’re a adventure freak, go for a crazy drive or go hiking when you acheive your set target, or a treat for yourself, something that acknowledges your progress and effort.


7. Act NOW:

Beginning of anything could be difficult, but it becomes fruitful with the time and efforts you put. Once you step out of your comfort zone thingsyou will have abundance to achieve. Look out for opprotunities where you can showcase your potential, look for something that can bring out the best of you. Believe me, Immediate decision is the key, because the more you procrastinate the more difficult it will become. So stand Up and take a decision now, to act and to pursue your greatness. You can start with something really small. The pace doesn’t matter s lon as you are moving in the right direction.

Promise Youself that you will not even negotiate this beyond tomorrow. Today is the last day that you had procrastinated anything. Even if you face problem adapting this. face it. But make sure that you MUST adapt it from Now.


Thank You for the Reading and I wish you success.

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