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Do you remember those moments in your life when you feel like everything you touch turns into gold? You feel motivated and got a lot of energy. You seem to attract opportunities and good things. A great feeling, isn’t it? 

But, it’s not always easy to get in this kind of state or even harder, to stay in it. Maybe you even haven’t experienced it at all. The good news is, every person on earth is able to light his soul on fire. You just have to get into the right state of mind. Below I’ll give you some tips to help you become this driven person!


  • Create vision

    Creating a vision for the future is a powerful trick. It puts you on the right path immediately. Take your time to visualize it and repeat this. Try to do this as realistic and detailed as possible. Where do you want to go? How does the life you want to live looks like? Keep this picture before you, as you slowly move in that direction. Know that in 5 years from now, you won’t be the person you are today, just like you aren’t the person now you were 5 years ago. Make sure that the person you will be in 5 years, is the person YOU want to be.

  • Define triggers

    Everyone has those things that can trigger great energy in them. It could be little or big things that make you happy and put you in the right state. Maybe it’s a song, a small habit you do every morning, a person you talk to, something to eat or drink,.. Keep track of all these little things that make you happy and use them more often in your life. We’ve also got the opposite. Those things or people who drown the energy out of you. What are these things? What’s stopping you? Define them too, and look for ways to get rid of them. Life is too short anyway. This technique requires you to really get to know yourself, so take your time!

  • Get a growth mindset

    This is a set of beliefs in the mind. It’s proven that this mindset increases your motivation and achievement. People with a growth mindset see difficulties as an opportunity to grow. The main focus here is learning. You know that you can improve and develop skills through work and that every failure is only a lesson. You embrace challenges and want to invest in yourself.

  • Find your passions

    This tip is the most important one. Nothing can light your soul on fire more than passion. We all got them, we just need to find them. Your passion will lead you to your purpose . Ask yourself, what makes your heart skips a beat? What is something that can bring your mind to another place, far away from all your troubles? When you know what you’re passionate about, don’t be ashamed to get excited. Let it have a contribution in your daily life. Don’t be afraid what other might think, just do your own thing, and maybe they might even get inspired by it.


  • Become a better friend/lover. One of the greatest sources of happiness and satisfaction comes from having people around you who love you. You don’t need many friends, but you do need someone who loves you genuinely. The way to get those people around you, is being a good friend yourself. Be kind, show them you care, appreciate what people do for you, be open-minded, try to connect deeper, cheer for them, empower them,.. When you give more love, you will get more love. When you feel loved and supported, everything else becomes way easier and you can accomplish so much more!
  • Set goals and take action. First of all set goals for yourself. Split them up in little sub-goals. Whenever you reach a goal, even if it’s a small one, celebrate it. Be proud of yourself and think about how well you did it. By doing this, you get more motivated and it prevents you from losing your drive. By setting your goals, think about what goals will give you a lot of satisfaction when you might reach them. Another important thing is to take action. Don’t make excuses. When you take action you would feel instantly better and more energetic in comparison with being bored and lazy. Just start. Don’t hold yourself back because of the thought you might ‘fail’.
  • Whatever you do, do it well. Put your focus on doing things the best way you can. Deliver quality work. Don’t go for mediocre. If you’re finished you will feel good about your work and it will boost your motivation instantly!
  • Do things that are out of your comfort zone. Do the things you’ve always wanted to do or do the things you’re afraid of. These challenges give you an instant energy boost!
  • Take responsibility. You have to know what’s your responsibility and what not. First of all, it’s your responsibility to make yourself happy. Other people can help you, but never expect others to make your whole life awesome. That’s up to you. Plan excited things and make your own future something to look forward too. If you never reach a goal, you shouldn’t blame anyone else. Make yourself proud. Keep in mind what’s important to you, what you value in life. Secondly, know that it’s not your responsibility to please everyone. You also shouldn’t let other people define your life. They are too, responsible for their own happiness and life. When you can define what your responsibilities are and what not, life will become easier. It will help you take charge of your own life.
  • Last but not least, work out. Working out has so many advantages when it comes to drive and feeling on fire. It helps to boost your confidence, make you feel healthier, gives you more energy, clears your mind, learns you to develop more stamina,.. If you need help or advice with your workouts, you can always contact us or take a deeper look into our site!

Remember, feeling on fire won’t come in a day or two. It’s a process of doing what you love and gaining strength, not giving up. It’s not always easy, but when you get in that zone, it’s so worth it!

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