How often do you Overthink?

Yogah karmsu kaushlam….
These are the words of Lord Krishna in Bhagwad Gita.

Work is Worship‘ was the motto of my School.It is the essence of Gita. One can enjoy leisure after doing rigorous work.It is a great therapy too in order to keep the negative thoughts at bay.When you work … even if a mundane task, like to shell the peas… your mind gets diversion from its circus. It is rightly said ‘An idle mind is a devils workshop’.

In my growing up years and till date, my mother is my role model. Our family faced so many problems during our childhood but she was rock solid pillar of strength for the entire family.She never succumbed to any adversity.Her mantra was this only-work work and work… no matter what.She would wake up early, do the household chores she didn’t have the luxury of maids and servants but her inner strength and her fighting spirit kept all of us alive.Tirelessly she would work till night.Now she is eighty eight years old. One day I asked her “Did you worry about your old age at that time?” She smiled and said that she had no time to think about such issues.

Her words occurred to me as an eye opener….indeed very profound…. since we all think about issues that are not there at present. They exist in the realms of our mind.Our fears, uncertainties about future, death, disease…these issues have been there since time immemorial and human beings have been coping up and dealing with these issues. Why do we become slaves of such thoughts and mar our present??

So next time when you tend to over-think….. pinch yourself, get up and make a to-do list, clean your room, your wardrobe and organize your books. Keep your hands busy till you drop dead!


Author: Jyoti Kalra

Jyoti Kalra has authored three books of Hindi poetry. Aaj Chand Grast hai Geeli Maati n Partein Pyaaz Ki. She has written short stories n plays as well.


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