The greatest problem is we think ” WE HAVE TIME !”

Imagine your bank account is credited everyday with 86400 dollars everyday, with a condition that you can not save any amount for future and have to spend it in whole day. And next day again receiving the same  amount with same condition!

Would you afford to waste any single penny then . Perhaps never !

These 86,400 are the seconds the seconds everyday god credits in our life !

And how strange it is if it was a handsome amount we would have never wasted it ever but when it is time we waste it shamelessly………

The catch here is like penny saved is penny earned time invested is the future created.

sometime It takes a decade to create a second which makes us feel most accomplished and elated.

It clearly defines how important a single second is !

Lets realize the value of time with following instances ……….

To realize the value of second ask the person who has just missed an accident!

To realize the value of millisecond ask an athlete who has just finished second !

To realize the importance of an hour ask a couple who is in Long distance relationship !

To realize the value of a week ask the team preparing for worldcup

To realize the value of one month ask a mother who lost their child in final month !

To realize the value of a year ask a student who failed in final exams !

clearly time and life teaches us a lot !

Life teaches us how to use time and time teaches us how to live life !

Tomorrow which NEVER COMES !!!!

Average person lives for 78 years now out of which

  • We spend 78.3 years in sleeping

    That’t  almost one third of life yet how often we say we can’t get a sound sleep

  • We spend 10.5 years of our  life working

    Yet always we don’t love our jobs

  • We spend 9 years on TV and Social Media

    And  still don’t find something entertaining us.

  • We spend 4 years Eating and Drinking

    Even though we rush all the time at dining table!


  • We spend 3.5 years in EDUCATION

    Often  learning something we don’t find made for us

And after all this we are left with 9 years to create a life we wish to live and celebrated and still we keep procrastinating our karma.

For this STEVE JOBS has aptly said on procrastination-

” He Basked under the moon

And boasted under the sone

He led a life going to do things

Ended with nothing Done “

A Procrastinator 

To all the problems we reply with tomorrow …….

In-spite of being aware that nothing is going to become easier. We keep taking initiatives but fail to take the finitiaitves . Time is free but it is priceless And still we waste it on something which we know is unproductive.

Why to respect Time ?

By the end of the day 7 lakh people wont see tomorrow’s SUN .If it is so then why are we not among those 7 lakhs ?

Do we deserve to be saved and awarded one more even if we have nothing to do whole day ?

Do we deserve to receive shinning sun even when our life is gloomy moon ?

Do you feel accomplished and log off to your bed after the day with a smile and sense of achieving and learning something that made you day ?

If not so then we seriously we are disrespecting the grace of god !!!!!!! learn it because

Its  HIGH TIME !!!!

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