COVID 19 – It’s Not Just a Virus, It’s an Echo of The Earth!

No fresh air to breathe, no pure water to drink, no green land to harvest

And our hunger for progress swallowed the toughness of our immune systems



It’s time we think about what we’ve done.
We were and we never will be able to take charge of our surroundings.
All we can do is to -.

May be there’s one more chance!!
We can learn to & to whatever exists on this Earth!
As we are just a part of the ecosystem, we must remain one.

Take it this way. Maybe we get it then. ⁣
We build infrastructure, yet locked in a room!
We were always social, yet so distant!⁣
We invested in modern living, yet forced back to basics!⁣
We were always in a race, yet on same page!
We spent trillions in weapons, yet helpless!⁣
Lastly, we know it all, yet ignorant!⁣
We never lived, therefore afraid of death!⁣


We believe it’s time we pledge and learn to Coexist for the Earth doesn’t belong only to us.

We invite you to share your videos, messages or posts to accept & apologize for what we have been doing to Earth & its species. Share whatever you want to aiming at creating positive energies around the world. Acceptance will allow us to heal, there is POWER in Acceptance.


After all this gets over,

PLEDGE not to overuse resources

PLEDGE not to abuse other species

PLEDGE to live in Harmony

PLEDGE to show Compassion & be Kind

PLEDGE not to Dominate but COEXIST!

Return to Nature

How can we submit a Pledge?

  1. Record a Video/Write a Message
  2. Join the Facebook Group “Pledge to CoExist” on Facebook
  3. Submit your recording or message in the Group

OR upload the Video/Message on the Event Page itself


Also we believe that;

We must realize the fact that there are beings who look for our compassion, kindness & support.

We also shall realize that if we still do not rethink & press the stop button; it would be the end.

We have seen Nature at its best, we’ve been experiencing the consequences for long now.

Nothing seems to work, science is struggling, those in power had surrendered.

Realize that we have been trying to takeover the nature, which will eventually lead to destruction!

This pride, that we are living in will be the reason for our end.


There will be a day we will seek compassion, simplicity and look for support; it won’t help as there always is a limit even to the nicest of us. There would be storm, blizzard and destruction again, which will settle it all! To an extent!!

There will be a Human War, we fight for economy; it would be a tough time!

For good, this will end everything…End of the Era of greed, pride & inhumanity.

And those who respect love and nature will be saved. They will meet and create a new world



It’s not just a VIRUS, it’s an ECHO of the EARTH!⁣
Note: ⁣
Corona means – A ring, a Circle!⁣
Whatever goes around comes around! ⁣
Think about it! ⁣

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