Confidence Building is AN EASY TASK!!! Here’s How !!!


A very common yet important question these days is “How to gain Confidence”? Mere gaining confidence will not serve the purpose, you got to hold it along.

Confidence gained by way of NLP is just as powerful as confidence gained through experience.

Once this is understood, and you master the ability to gain confidence through NLP, it becomes an extremely large source of positivity.

Though confidence is a relatively simple psychological tool that provides great power, so why is it so hard for most people to achieve?

In my opinion, the so called credit goes to the fact that humans spend the first dozen years of their life actively destroying the confidence of all around them.

Some people stop this in their teens, others do this their whole lives.

This is because of the flawed human instinct that you can gain confidence yourself by destroying the confidence of others.

Luckily, this particular flaw can be turned around to work for us using NLP.


How Confidence Works.

Confidence works as a self-fuelling cycle, either for the positive or for the negative. That is why once your confidence is damaged, it can be difficult to send it back on the right path.

Below is an example of a negative confidence cycle.

1 (2)




Let us now focus on the Real Question, How to Gain Confidence using NLP.

Here is a script that can show you how to gain confidence using NLP. You can adapt this script to suit your own purpose.


Step one – Do not hold confidence in a mixed feeling.

If you hold the notion of confidence in awe or fear, you are telling yourself that it is a powerful thing that will be difficult to get. You need to understand that confidence is just a tiny little emotional loop happening in your brain’s limbic system. That is all confidence is! Believe it or not, you have complete power over your confidence right now and at all times.


Step twoPicture confidence as a golden aura around you.

Imagine a very, extremely confident person. This can be anyone, but make it sure that he/she is extremely powerful.  Let’s call this imaginary person Robin. Picture him walking up to a group of strangers at a party and start talking with them. They instantly love him, because he is so friendly and confident.

It is clear that Robin knew everyone would love him before he even started speaking.

Picture a golden aura surrounding him that only you can see. This is his confidence.

You can take this aura and bring it over yourself. Feel how the confidence flows around you. Everything feels natural and you are confident to do anything you want.


Step three – Feel how it is to be 100% confident IN A KNOWN SETTING.

While you are doing this, set an NLP Anchor – I suggest pressing your left thumbnail into your left index finger in a pulsing motion. Take a memory where you were doing something you really enjoy and feel safe about. Maybe reading a good book on the beach, or talking to a close friend in a comfortable setting. What can you see? What can you hear? Strongly re-establish the setting around you as vividly as possible.

Describe it to yourself out loud, right now. Pay attention to your posture – do you look relaxed or defensive? How does it feel to be so confident? You feel sure of yourself, relaxed, and you have a feeling of knowing that things are going well.

Make this feeling of confidence as strong and vivid as you can before moving on.

Continue to reinforce this anchor, and every time you feel the confidence, press the anchor again. Each time you do so, let the feeling of confidence double and surge. You must associate the emotional feeling of confidence with the physical sensation of the anchor.


Step four – Feel how it is to be 100% confident IN AN UNKNOWN SETTING.

During this step, whenever there is underlined text, reinforce your confidence anchor by pressing your thumbnail again.

Take the feeling of confidence and keep it flowing as you put yourself in a new, imaginary setting. Picture yourself speaking to strangers with 100% confidence. Picture yourself at the party, walking up to a group of strangers who are talking amongst themselves. You have the confident posture of a confident person. You KNOW that because you are 100% confident, you will get along fine with this group.

As soon as you approach, the strangers smile with their eyes, you FEEL they are interested in you. You start talking and merge right in with their conversation. The group takes you in as one of their own 100% seamlessly. You are not acting differently, you are being yourself, and everyone loves it. Feel how confident you are just being yourself.

Continue to reinforce this anchor, and every time you feel the confidence, press the anchor again. You must associate the emotional feeling of confidence with the physical sensation of the anchor.


Step five – Take a snapshot of yourself in the confident world

What you’ve just done is imagined being yourself and feeling very confident. You now have a memory of yourself in a very confident state.

Even though it is imagined, your unconscious mind cannot tell the difference between an imagined memory and a real memory. In fact, there have been cases where grown-up children have falsely prosecuted parents for child abuse, when in fact the memories were entirely imagined and developed by the probing of incompetent psychiatrists.


I want you to take a snapshot of that memory we’ve just created. Something that encompasses the height of the confident feeling. Now take the snapshot and make it bolder and more vivid. Bring it closer to you, make it larger, the size of a large wall. Make the snapshot detailed and realistic. Feel the feeling of the snapshot, and reinforce the anchor. Make everything as large, bold, and vivid as you possibly can.

Now double it again! Step into the snapshot. Look through your own eyes in that confident setting, feel the confidence as strongly as you can, and reinforce the anchor again. Keep doing this for a good minute or two.

Step six – Use the anchor

Now go use it! Use your anchor and let all the feelings of confidence come flooding in. If it isn’t working very well, then go back to step one and repeat everything. Once you get the hang of this, you’ll truly understand that confidence is a tiny little loop in your mind that you can switch on at will. The logic is undeniable:

  1. By feeling more confident, you appear more confident.
  2. By appearing more confident, people react to you in a positive way.
  3. When people react to you in a positive way, it reinforces your confidence.
  4. Go to step 1


Guys Being Confident is and will always be Your Choice, its on you if you choose to build or destroy it.

Feel free to add or anything that can make this more relevant.

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