Champions Do Not Give Up !!!


NEVER give up, replace the strategy, and be focused on whatever you are willing to whatever you are working for.. Quitting is not a solution
NEVER give up and work on yourself. Develop discipline daily. Practice what drives you close to your dream, leaving all other things that reduces your chance to succeed…Remember you are a champion and a Champ never give up on him. They always Fight Back no matter how worst the situation is they never quit on themselves.
As you look back now over your “unsuccessful” attempts in the past, ask yourself what you have learnt from them instead of regretting the failure look at the lessons you got from each such attempt. !!!
Most of you gets afraid once you fail to achieve something, you don’t have enough courage to put more efforts on the same thing. Ask yourself what holds you back, whats there that do not let you to stand up and live your dream. Is it a fear of rejection ?? or a Fear of failure??
Remember a Fear is being scared of something that has not yet happened. And the thing that has not happened yet, we still have chance to not let it happen. So you still have a chance to choose what you want, to stand up or to loose.


The only thing you need to ask yourself is – What if you Quit??
Stand up and Fight Back (Y)


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