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Major Misconception People Have About Life.

Major Misconception People Have About Life.


“There is a right way to live”

Most of us are either constantly trying to convince oneself that their way of living or lifestyle is the right way or trying to find faults at others.


“People get what they deserve”

It’s a lie. Don’t be fooled.

Quoting Dr.House, it’s more like,“People don’t get what they deserve. They just get what they get. There’s nothing any of us can do about it.”


“This will make me happy”

We get caught in a never ending chase for the next thing. While it’s human nature to want more, this thirst is never quite quenched leaving us eternally unsatisfied.

Once we achieve our next marker of happiness (whether that be a new job, raise, children, car) we quickly acclimate to that current state and no longer feel the “high” of what we believe happiness to be. And then it’s on to the next shiny goal.


“A broken heart is nothing serious, time will always heal it.”

Many actions taken from a broken heart cause great suffering even time cannot heal. Some people have committed murder or taken their own lives because of a broken heart.

It is never painless, and anyone who has suffered a broken heart has a scar even though it may be hidden.


“All that happens, happens for good.”

This is the biggest promulgated lies of all time. Not everything happens for a good reason. A 5 year-old doesn’t get raped for a good reason.

It doesn’t brighten her life in any way. People aren’t slaughtered in a carnage for a good reason.

A healthy family man doesn’t die in a road accident for a good reason. Accept it.

Don’t assume the events that take place in this world are always for good.



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