3 Signs Your Soul Has Reincarnated Into This Life.

Reincarnation is becoming a more common topic. Even just decades ago, the belief was relegated to its origins – in the far east. Lately it’s becoming popular all over the world. While polls have found that Americans’ belief in God has declined, our belief in reincarnation remains steady at about 25%.


Reincarnation is the belief that you aren’t born, then live, and then die forever. Reincarnation is the idea that we’re born, die, and then born again. Some think that reincarnation serves the purpose of teaching our souls some major lesson, allowing them to pass to heaven. Others think that it’s a continual process and there’s no stopping it.

With more and more people signing onto the idea of reincarnation, these are signs that this isn’t your soul’s first rodeo.

1. You have the best BS detector.

It’s seemingly uncanny how well you can cut through BS. You’re hardly naive and you get the feeling that you’ve done it all before with people. You know flakiness and you don’t have any time for it. This is because you’ve gone through life a few times and are familiar with BS. Cherish this. Not everyone has it.

2. You don’t feel like you’re at home anywhere.

It’s an awfully odd sensation, not knowing exactly where home is for you. Noplace on Earth really calls to you, beckoning you to rest your weary eyes. It’s as if you’re homesick for your childhood home, but you’re still in your childhood home.

Your soul may be longing for what some call “Heaven” or “The Spirit World.” It maybe that the place we go between lives is awesome. Maybe it’s just so beautiful, wonderful, and peaceful. Maybe we meet our old friends and relatives there. It’s hard to know how much time we may even spend their between lives.

3. You’re especially keen on life’s lessons.

Everywhere you turn, you seem to be learning some grand life lesson. You’re going through things emotionally and you feel like, in this life, you’re evolving a lot. This may mean that your soul is maturing. It may mean that your soul is ready to embark on its next, non-Earthly adventure.

It’s thought that souls may grow over time and lives and that the hardships we experience grow it. IF you feel like you’re learning a lot of lessons in this life, your soul is probably just growing up.


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