Day: February 16, 2016

Meet The Stoner Chicks Who Showed Up And Smoked Out At The ‘Cannabis Cup’. – Thousand Thoughts

When it comes to getting blazed, nothing compares to the Cannabis Cup. It’s literally the Super Bowl of weed with only one big difference: Everyone leaves a winner!

High Times brings the culture to multiple cities every year, including Denver, Portland, Michigan and even Jamaica, all to find the best damn bud.

Of course, an event like this brings stoners out from all walks of life. You’ve got the hardcore potheads who weren’t doing sh*t anyway, the closet smoker dads still trying to be low key, the cannabis connoisseurs competing to win the cup and, of course, the lovely, yet ratchet, stoner chicks.

At this year’s Southern California Cannabis Cup, we saw all these motherf*ckers in one place and it was quite the scene.

But if you’re like me, you’re in it for the sexiest strains, so here’s the best of the stoner chicks who showed up and blew down!

The Cannabis Cup is the only time of year you’ll find like-minded individuals all in the same spot…


Michael Paredes of Drastic

Because who likes smoking alone?


Michael Paredes of Drastic

Only here will you find squads of ganja girls ready to assist you.

Michael Paredes of Drastic

Michael Paredes of Drastic

Even if you think you see a solo dolo stoner chick…

Michael Paredes of Drastic

Michael Paredes of Drastic

Chances are, she brought a friend!

Michael Paredes of Drastic

Michael Paredes of Drastic

Of course, no two stoner chicks are the same…

Michael Paredes of Drastic

Michael Paredes of Drastic

But some of them are truly on some other sh*t.

Michael Paredes of Drastic

Michael Paredes of Drastic

These pot princesses don’t really care what you think about them.

Michael Paredes of Drastic

Michael Paredes of Drastic

They’re going to smoke their weed and sip their drank, regardless!


Michael Paredes of Drastic

Whether she’s ripping a bong…

Michael Paredes of Drastic

Michael Paredes of Drastic

Or taking a dab…

Michael Paredes of Drastic

Michael Paredes of Drastic

You’re realistically still not going to bag, my friend.

Michael Paredes of Drastic

Michael Paredes of Drastic

Because if you’re looking for love, you came to the wrong place.

Michael Paredes of Drastic

Michael Paredes of Drastic

But hey, if you’re into tatted chicks, this is paradise!

Michael Paredes of Drastic

Michael Paredes of Drastic

After all, this is the Cannabis Cup and it’s all about crowning whoever has the most magical strain.

Michael Paredes of Drastic

Michael Paredes of Drastic

And that person usually gets all the stoner girls to himself!

Michael Paredes of Drastic

Pair Weed With Your Workout: 5 Activities And Complementary Strains. – Thousand Thoughts

It’s a sad fact that even in the world of burgeoning legalization, people who smoke weed still have a bad reputation for being lazy, unproductive, out of shape and unhealthy.

In reality, marijuana complements exercise just as well as it does sex, food and just about everything else in the world. Because bucking these unfortunate stoner stereotypes is so important, here are a few choice exercises for the active pothead in all of us.

Pair Weed With Your Workout: 5 Activities And Complementary Strains


It might sound cliché, but stoned yoga really is the best yoga. In fact, in Colorado, you can take stoned yoga classes that specialize in the combination of marijuana and mindfulness.

We recommend pairing your stoned yoga sesh with a good indica like True OG. True OG originates from Southern California, where OG actually means “ocean grown.” It has taken second place for indica strains in the past six years at the High Times’ Cannabis Cup.

True OG pairs well with stoned yoga because it will relax you, while giving you all of the focus you need to center both your body and your mind.


Once again, this may sound cliché at first, but hiking doesn’t necessary have to pertain to the “granola hippie” stoners only.

Hiking can be an excellent workout, especially if you choose a tough path. For this, we recommend toking on Pineapple Express. Pineapple Express is the lovechild of Trainwreck, which is another one of our personal favorites, and Hawaiian.

Pineapple Express is perfect for hiking because it’s got a fruity, yet piney taste to it, and it will give you just enough energy to complete your hike, along with a substantial high to appreciate nature while you’re experiencing it.


We’re not talking a dip in the pool, here. We’re talking about doing laps. Swimming is one of the best exercises for you, as it engages your whole body. And being stoned should only enhance your experience.

We recommend Power Plant for your power swim. It will give you a good, clear-headed buzz, so you can focus on your swimming instead of your pool noodles.

Power Plant packs a punch, though, so be careful not to overdo it.


Can you tell we’re proponents of outdoor activities? Well, biking is perfect for the super energetic stoner. You can take in a lot of scenery while biking — not to mention, it’s easier to stop should you get the munchies.

As far as a biking bud is concerned, check out Kilimanjaro. Kilimanjaro is a Tanzanian strain, known for the extreme energy it gives its smoker.

Bring some along with you, and there’s nowhere you can’t go.

Lifting Weights

If the outdoors just aren’t your thing, but shirtless gym selfies are (we do not judge), this one’s for you. Lifting weights is an important part of staying healthy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use marijuana as a pre-workout.

For those of you on the bench press, before you lift, get lifted with Double Diesel. Double Diesel has an uplifting effect, but won’t make you overly energetic to the point where you can’t sit still.

It’s a sativa, so it will keep you focused enough to make sure you don’t skip leg day.

For those of you who are still concerned about the health consequences of smoking weed, please remember you can always ingest THC in other forms. In fact, there are some great organic, vegan, gluten-free and generally healthy edible recipes out there, which ensure you are putting nothing but familiar ingredients into your body.

On behalf of everyone here, we hope you stay high, happy and healthy.

This post was originally written for Stoned Girls.


The Science Behind Why Love Is A Powerful Drug. – Thousand Thoughts

There’s a certain type of love we all crave and chase. We want it to be all-consuming. We want to think about our partners all day and night. We want to be love sick to the point of nausea. We’ve seen that type of love on television, and we’ve been moved by songs written about it.

The Science Behind Why Love Is A Powerful Drug

Once we experience love our desire for it only increases. We remember the euphoria of being intimately tied to another human being, and we want to recapture that feeling. It’s difficult to articulate what, exactly, that feels like.

Well, it’s almost as if love is a drug, and you want another hit. That sounds crazy but, believe it or not, there’s science to back it up.

Falling in love stimulates the same part of the brain as an actual drug.

In the moments immediately following the use of an illicit drug like cocaine, the brain’s levels of serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine skyrocket, causing feelings of euphoria. The ‘high’ of the high. Yet it seems that the initial stages of love offer a similar (albeit legal) kind of high.

Helen Fisher, an anthropologist whose work focuses on relationships, hasstudied this phenomenon. Her research has found that, when you fall in love, serotonin lifts your confidence levels, norepinephrine boosts your energy and dopamine enhances feelings of pleasure.

In simpler terms: You feel like you’re on top of the world when you’re falling in love.

In addition to stimulating these brain chemicals, new love also plays tricks on the amygdala, which acts like the brain’s fear center. Think about how stressful those beginning stages of a relationship are — they tap into your deepest insecurities because you can’t really tell if your partner is on the same page.

These stresses stimulate the amygdala, which then signals your adrenal glands to produce adrenaline, making your heart flutter. Noradrenaline makes you sweat. Cortisol sends a wave of excess energy to your muscles. Sounds like the physical reaction to a drug, right?

Some scientists think that love used to be one of the only highs people experienced in ancient times. Only in the modern age have we felt the need for anything else.

Can love actually help manage pain?

Now that we’ve established that love alters the brain like a drug, there’s another question to consider: Does that mean its effects can actually help when you’re in pain?

The hypothesis was there for researchers Arthur Aron, PhD, and Sean Mackey, MD, PhD, of SUNY Stonybrook. They hypothesized that since the brain’s reward system is critical in pain management, and love targets that reward system, it must have an overall impact.

They tested this hypothesis by having volunteers undergo MRI scans while they were experiencing pain. When patients were holding pictures of their loved ones dopamine spiked in their brains. The reward center took over and reduced their pain, the brain scans suggested.

But if love can help manage pain, does that mean it can also cause pain?

Recovering after a breakup is like detoxing after drug use.

We’ve all been through a terribly painful breakup. Can’t breathe, can’t sleep, can’t eat — it’s one of the worst kinds of pain. You start jonesing for your ex the same way you jones for coffee at 3pm.

That’s because you haven’t just broken up with someone; you are literally detoxing from the feeling of being in love.

Fisher has also studied the effects breakups have on the brain through experiments in which she recruited college-aged men and women who were reeling from the recent end to their relationships. When the participants looked at photos of their exes, the parts of their brains that lit up in scans were associated with physical pain, distress and attachment. Those are the same areas of the brain that are stimulated by drug dependency.

And, just like someone suffering from drug addiction, people who are suffering through a breakup are prone to obsessions and reality distortions.

This revelation seems to prove that going “cold turkey” to quit your ex is the best strategy. That means no emails, texts or phone calls.

Love may be intoxicating at first, but when it turns sour, it can get just as dangerous and insidious as cocaine. Think about that the next time you flirt with the person next to you at the bar and you feel yourself falling.


Author: Blair Thill

Source: Elite Daily

If You Do These 8 Things, You’re Definitely Too Clingy In Relationships. – Thousand Thoughts

I have to say, Generation-Y has a sh*tty way of dating. People have become accustomed to being in constant communication with their significant others, and that has made some of us a tad bit obsessive.


It’s okay to be obsessed with your significant other, but it’s not okay to be a clinger. Being a clinger is a bad position to be in because it can cause major problems for your love life.

Being a clinger is becoming a social norm in today’s society because of the ease at which technology has allowed us to constantly know what someone is doing, reading, eating, listening to, etc. Here are three ways to know if you’re the clinger in your relationship:

1. Your Phone

Relationships are taking a toll on us when it comes to our beloved cell phones. Your phone has literally everything you need, but with that comes the start of the addiction to your SO.

If you catch yourself doing things like this, you’re a clinger:

1. You Have His Or Her Photo As Your Background.

This could be cute if you’re in a long-distance relationship, but if it’s a picture solely of your SO, whom you see every other day, you have reached clinger status.

2. You’re Constantly Checking Your Phone To See If Your SO Has Read Or Responded To Your Text.

I’m guilty when it comes to this one. If I’m saying something important, I want fast replies.

I get very impatient while waiting for a response. I guess I can be a clinger at time.

3. You Check To See When Your SO Was Last On His Or Her Social Media Accounts.

You go through the “following” tab on Instagram to see if he or she has liked any pictures. You see when he or she last favorited, retweeted or tweeted anything on Twitter. You go through your stories to see if he or she viewed it or posted anything.

Basically, you do anything to make sure he or she hasn’t done something on social media before he or she responded to you.

2. Your Texts

Texting is a blessing and a curse. If you catch yourself doing things like this, you’re a clinger:

1. If You’re SO Doesn’t Respond, You Try Other Platforms.

You Snapchat, Facebook message or slide into your SO’s DMs. This can be annoying if your SO is actually busy, and it can make for an interesting argument when he or she sees the notifications.

2. You Always Text First.

Yes, guys, some girls do text first all the time. If you can go almost an entire day without hearing from your SO because you didn’t text first, there’s a chance you are clingy.

There is nothing wrong with going hours without talking to your SO. I promise.

3. If Your SO Doesn’t Respond, You Send A Short Novel Explaining Why He Or She Should Respond, Or You Guess As To Why He Or She Hasn’t Responded.

I have also been guilty of this one, but only if it’s in regard to something important. But if you asked, “What’s up?” and sent an intro, body and conclusion before your SO could tell you he or she was in the shower, you have reached a whole new level of clingy.

3. Your In-Person Interactions

It’s easy to get wrapped up in your SO when you’re together. But sometimes, being so invested isn’t a good thing. If you catch yourself doing things like this, you’re a clinger:

1. When You’re In Public, You Can’t Be Away From Your SO.

If you’re at a social gathering and you can’t let him or her go to the bathroom without you standing by the door, you aren’t doing any good for your relationship.

2. You Check In At His Or Her Go-To Spots.

You just so happened to stop at his or her favorite restaurant at lunch to make sure he or she wasn’t with anyone or ignoring you.

I admit that being in a relationship with Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook all available to you at all times of the day can add a little stress to your daily routine, especially now that cheating is such a common trend. But, being clingy isn’t the answer.

If you’ve realized you’re guilty of a few of these things, take a deep breath. Being a clinger isn’t entirely terrible.

Just take a chill pill, and let your SO live without you all up in his or her grill 24/7. It will be okay. I promise.


Author: Sammy Swift

Source: Elite Daily

The 6 Major Benefits Of Being An Empath. – Thousand Thoughts

Is it hard for you to see any benefit in being an Empath? Do you feel being highly sensitive is a problem for you? Most people feel that their heightened awareness or sensitivity is a burden that they want to shut off and quiet. It’s really important for you to hear how valuable you are as an Empath, and how many wonderful traits you have that set you apart and give you an advantage because you are highly sensitive.

major Benefits of being an empath

When you get a better understanding of your true nature, realize you are not alone, start accepting your heightened sensitivities and then learn the practicable methods in going to share with you, you will be able to gradually identify and release all those pesky internalized false beliefs you have about how there is something wrong with you.

What if what you believe is wrong about you was your greatest capacity for changing the world and you just don’t yet know how to use your natural abilities yet?

As most of you, or maybe all of you have concluded at one time or another in life, being highly sensitive can be tough. You may feel like no one understands you and no one gives you the sympathy you require when something is difficult for you.

There are actually some great benefits of being highly empathic. Most people put all the focus on the difficulties and don’t get far enough in their self-discovery on their own to realize the enormous benefits.

Here are the major six reasons being an Empath is a gift:






Your heightened sensitivity is a gift and not a curse. Remember that your thoughts are things, and what you think is what you create. So, next time you curse your heightened awareness or sensitivity level remember some of these benefits that you’ve just uncovered.

By putting your focus on the benefits of being an Empath, you will be creating a life where your gift is contributing to you instead of draining you.