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19 Psychological Life Hacks That You Must Know! – Thousand Thoughts

Life is simple with hacks, they get us through the day. We keep searching the internet trying to find new hacks to add to our arsenal. We have a couple that you can add up your sleeve. You can thank us later after you read these Psychological Hacks, that are mind blowing. Let’s get started.


1. If you ask someone a question and they give a short response; Just wait, keep quiet and remain eye contact. They will usually pick up where they off from.

2. Ever in your group of friends and you all share a laugh? And then you catch yourself looking at the person you’re closest to? That ‘s because people by their instinct look at the person they’re closest to.

3. If you make yourself joyful, and excited to see someone, they will return the vibe. Maybe not the first time, but the next for sure.

4. If you get nervous from public speaking or get butterflies before a roller coaster, try chewing some gum. If you’re eating something, it tricks our brain to think “I am not in danger because I wouldn’t be eating right now.”

5. If you’re joining a conversation, look at the person’s feet. If they don’t turn their feet and just turn their torsos, they don’t want you to join in. In the same way, if talking to a coworker, and you think they’re invested in the conversation. If their torso is turned towards you and not their feet, they probably want it to end.

6.If someone is angry at you, just stay calm, it’ll tick them off more, and they’ll ashamed about it after.

7. Take someone on a first date that gets their heart pumping. For example like a roller coaster or a horror movie. This spikes their adrenaline, and tricking them they enjoy spending time with you, but it was probably an adrenaline high from the activity.

8.People will remember you not by your words, but how you made them feel. Also, people love talking about themselves, so just ask lots of question about them.

9. Always tell the truth. when you have to tell a lie, people are more likely to believe you.


10. If you smile big, you’ll instantly feel happier. Just don’t do it while staring at people. You’ll likely come off of as creep.

11.When you just meet someone, refer them by their name, people love hearing their name. It will build up trust, and a friendship right away. If your friend introduces to his friend Mike, when it time to say bye, don’t say just bye, but instead say “Bye Mike”.

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12.If you’re learning a new language or something of that assert. Try to teach a friend, by teaching something you’ll understand it much better.

13. Most guys in a fist fight will try to end it with right hook instinctively.

14. If you want really want something for someone, disguise it as an offer than a request.

Did you know when Teddy Roosevelt was running for president, his campaign team printed out 3 million leaflets with a picture of a Teddy. His team realize that they didn’t retain the rights for the photo. They twisted around as an offer for the photographer by saying the studio will pay 250 for the rights for the photo, and you get a lot of publicity throw the campaign in return. If they had explained their problem. The photographer will have a lot more leverage, and will probably ask for a lot more money.

15. People are extremely in tune with their sense of touch. If someone mistakenly rest their knee on yours, they might pretend it didn’t happen, but they knew it was there the whole time.

16. When you have you have an interview, ask your interviewer as many questions as you can. Ask them about what they do for work, really listen to them. They will walk away from the interview feeling like a million bucks because they got a chance to talk about themselves. They will think the interview went well. It’s a psychological thing.

17. Your chances increase for success in a relationship if your parents and your friends get along with your special someone.

18. Jokes tend to be less funny when it have to be said again. Well, use it to your advantage when a jerk makes a joke at your expense. Play deaf, make them repeat it, by the third time the joke will hearing crickets.

19. You can judge a person characteristics by seeing how they treat people who they don’t know.

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16 Psychological Life Hacks Your Brain Needs To Know! – Thousand Thoughts

The brain can be a powerful and wonderful tool if you know how to manipulate it. Taking a look at these Top 16 Psychological Life Hacks will certainly help you turn into some type of genius, or you can pretend you are anyway.

psychological Life Hacks Your Brain Needs To Know

Kill With Kindness:

If you are in the midst of a battle with a rude customer or just anyone in general, do not stoop down to their level. Treat them extra nice – sugar coats it, baby. If you are being extra kind to someone who is obviously pissed, it should make them feel even angrier, and then push them to realize how ridiculous they are being. In the end, you’ll end up winning and they should be apologizing.


Silence Is Golden:

When you’re in an argument, make your case, then don’t say anything else. People get uncomfortable with silence and many times will end up caving just to get away from the awkward silence.



Mirror Introspection:

If you place a mirror facing the angry customer or person, they tend to act more rational. Although I wouldn’t recommend whipping out a pocket mirror every time someone is upset at you with a minuscule thing.

Keep Your Enemies Closer:

We’ve all heard the say, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” And for good reasons too. Say if you’re heading into a meeting, knowing you’re going to be hassled for something, sit next to that particular person. This takes away the distance between you and the perpetrator and can make them feel uncomfortable. The encounter will become more personal when it’s not hindered by the group setting.



Frame Request As An Offer:

If you present a favor or request as an offer, it will benefit you and it will make the other person think they are getting more out of the situation as well. It’s a win-win.

Notice Eye Color:

Try to make it a habit to notice the eye color of whoever you are talking to at the time. This life hack helps you more likely to remember the name of the person and to have the right amount of eye contact with this person. It also wouldn’t hurt to throw out a compliment.



Gradual Commitment:

People will most likely agree to a task or favor if you ask them to do something much smaller and easier first.


Teach Someone:

If you are trying to broaden your horizons and learn something new, tag your friend along as well, to teach them about it. Have them ask you questions along the way; to be able to fully understand a concept, you have to be able to teach it as well.

Alter Your Pre-Interview Mindset:

Before heading into an interview, don’t stress yourself out so much. Just pretend yourself into thinking that you’re meeting up with some old friends or college buddies. Just keeping telling yourself you can’t wait to see them and to catch up.

Alter Your Pre-Interview Mindset:

Before heading into an interview, don’t stress yourself out so much. Just pretend yourself into thinking that you’re meeting up with some old friends or college buddies. Just keeping telling yourself you can’t wait to see them and to catch up.


Get Excited:

Being excited, happy, and smiling when meeting someone for the first time is very beneficial. Usually, the other person will remember you having a smiling face, and they should act the same towards you.


Favors Make You Likeable:

Getting someone to do a small task for you must mean they have larger feelings for you, hence, they are actually going through with the favor.


Use First Names:

If you refer people to their names, it establishes a sense of trust and friendliness. For example, when you’re saying hello to someone, say “Hello Jessica!” instead of just “Hi!” People like hearing their name and being needed.

Avoid Filler Words:

Don’t fill conversations with words like “uh.” “like”, and “um.” This clearly indicates that you are trying to scramble your thoughts together, and trying to put it together for a sentence. But, if you take out those filler words, people won’t be able to tell that you are thinking about what to say next; it gives off that you have more confidence than you actually do.


Courage, Not Stress:

Your body reacts to stress the same way it does to courage, so if you’re feeling drained and feel there is no other way out for your stressful ways, tell yourself that you’re reacting to courage, not stress.



Wake Up Instantly:

Have problems waking up immediately? Try pumping your fists into the air and shouting “YAS!” when you first get awakened by the pesky alarm clock.

Clean Up:

Feeling depressed? Start cleaning your home, and you’ll feel accomplished and happy when you’re done.