Day: January 1, 2016

9 Types of Dreams You Have and What They Actually Mean. – Thousand Thoughts

You wonder about conversations you had during the day, or why someone close to you reacted so bad, but when it comes to dreams, they are the most mysterious thing ever. Scientists explain dreams like they are nothing more important than just the brain doing its job. They say that the brain, when it can’t process the whole information during the day, it processes this information at night. They also say that the reason why you may interact in your dreams, with people you do not know in your real life, it is because you have seen them at some point in your life: maybe at the market, or that restaurant you ate several years ago.

Beside this, scientists are not able to explain why you see certain dreams over and over again, or you experience the same nightmares. They can’t even explain when your dream becomes reality the other day, they can’t explain why most people see them in black and white, while very few people see them in colors. As long as they can not explain the dreams meanings, then we have to figure them out ourselves. Of course, there are dreams that seem just like that: our brain processing the information. But what about the other ones?

You have dreams about your teeth!

Believe it or not, this is one of the most common dream people see. [I have not seen my teeth in a dream yet, but who knows what the future might hold for me.] Anyway, people who have dreams about their teeth, often see their teeth falling, or changing shape, or crumbling into pieces. It often is a real nightmare for them. The Dream Experts explain this with big changes taking place in your life. In the positive side, it may show the fact that you are growing and you are fighting to become a better person, especially if you live in a place where you may not have a bright future, or you are surrounded by people who may bring you down, or by those who do not see their life with the same prospective or the opportunities you imagine your life. In the negative side, this great change may be realizing the fact that you are growing older when you do not deal well with the passing years. Your dream may even reflect your anxiety and your insecurities. Either way, teeth dreams mean great changes. You have to figure out for yourself what the great changes mean in your life.

The naked dream!

This is another very common dream and I have seen it myself. It is very disturbing. You may be at a presentation, or at an event, or at a particular meeting and you look down to see yourself naked, or just in your underwear! It is not like the “Break the Internet” thing, it is much worse. The meaning behind this dream, it is not better either. This naked dream means that you feel vulnerable. It comes from being judged all the time, or your fear of being judged. That’s why you get a naked dream for the night. You feel very exposed to these judgment, that if you have not grown a strong shell for yourself, some particular comments may hit you hard. You do not want to feel noticed, you do not want to be ridiculed by others. These things happen on a daily basis, but you have to stand strong. The dream also means that you are feeling these emotions as a result of a new job, or graduation, or any other event you are attending for the first time, for which you are very anxious about. So you experience the dream of showing up naked in events.

That dream where you are falling!

Off a cliff, off stairs, off everywhere. This is also a nightmare for me and the fact that I am afraid of heights, only adds more fear to the nightmare. Just as the falling in the dream, the meaning in real life it is also falling: life is getting hard, you may have lost your job, you may have gone bankrupt, you are losing someone, etc. In short: your world has gone out of control.

The ‘I cannot run!’ dream

This is the worst. Want to know mine? I do not really like running, so when I experience it when dreaming is much worse. Often it feels like someone or something is after me, so I have to run, or the other one where I have to run because I want to go somewhere and timing is not on my side. The thing is: I realize in a couple of seconds I cannot run! I cannot even take a step, worse than a turtle. That is exactly where I get out of breath and usually I force myself to wake up. It makes me really anxious. The can’t run dream may mean you lack self confidence, or that you are going through a particular moment in your life when you are not sure about things, or how to solve a certain problem, or when you are in a situation that you feel powerless. The usual advice is: Believe in yourself more. I have not seen a dream like this for a long time now. I do not really know if I am trusting myself more, or just the situations in my life have got better.


The failing exams dream

I have seen this dream too one time or two, but it has always been in school semester when I had exams, especially tough ones.

But there are people who see like they are failing an exam even later in life, when they have a job and have like 10 years that got the diploma. The dream where you fail the test may mean simply that you may be failing your job in real life, or you have issues with your job. Scientist do not really explain why is linked with the school time, but I personally think it is linked with the exams you took during school because that is the very first experience when you feared failing, or you failed. There are some fears that you never get over and return from time to time. This may be one: failing.

The ‘Hot Pursuit’ dream

It may be really hot, but because your body temperature rises because of fear of being chased by someone or something. I have had these kind of dreams, along with the can’t run dream, and I assure you, it is not the best you can see. The meaning is quite releasing though: it means that you just have difficulties confronting or dealing with a certain person. So, the advice here: find the communication and all should be well.

The dream where you fly

Even though this one may be a nightmare, because for me, the flying part comes after the can’t run part of dream, when I fly it is a good dream. I always like the feeling of flying, maybe because I would love to fly for real. This dreams is what they call: lucid dreaming. In few words it means that you are in control and you can do whatever you want. I said I love this dream!

The dream where you want to pee.

Well, there is just one explanation for this one: you really want to pee, so wake up and do it.

The I woke up inside of a dream, dream.

This is one of the most confusing dreams. You are dreaming about something you do not like, you want to wake up and then you do. But, you wake up in an other dream. It is terrifying sometimes, or maybe all the times, because you wake up [in the dream] in your room, you may even start going through your daily routine. It is called a ‘false awakening’. The Experts say that this happens when you are worried about the next day and you do not really want to wake up, you wish to avoid that day. You may figure out if you are in reality or in a dream by simply trying to say your phone number [which I forget even when I am awaken, so I do not think this trick will work for me].