Day: September 7, 2015

Iranian Story From HONY, Receiving Appreciations From Barack Obama To Mark Zuckerberg.

HONY1-750x500Even Iran and United States are not friends and consider each other threat to each other. Recent visit of Brandon- Humans of New York, to Iran has brought the people of two nations closer, even when diplomatic ties b/w the nation is not working well. The latest post of Humans of New York tells the story of a man whose son gave away apricots behind his back as they walked home from the shop.

The message of the post was so profound even USA President, Barack Obama couldn’t resist himself from commenting on the post. The post was even liked by CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg.

The story from Humans of New York:

“Today’s his tenth birthday. He’s a very emotional young man. He likes to solve other people’s problems. One time when he was five years old, he came with me to the store and we bought two pounds of fresh apricots. I let him carry the bag home. He walked a little bit behind me the entire way. After awhile, I asked him to hand me an apricot. ‘I can’t,’ he said. ‘I’ve given them all away.’ I knew then that I was raising a humanitarian.” (Tabriz, Iran)





Look Out For These Signs That Will Show Your Soul Is Maturing.

Matured Soul

In your life, you’ll find your path splits and that you as a person grow. Sometimes there are some pains that go along with that growth. You may not realize it, but these are 5 signs you’re outgrowing your life.

1. You’re just not enjoying your life.

If you’re not happy, it’s a strong sign your soul is ready for you to move onto something else. It may be time to rethink what your priorities and goals are and think about some lifestyle tweaks that have been on your agenda.

2. You’re taking to self-destructive behaviors.

In an attempt to deal with frustration, anger and stress, you may find yourself trying to suffocate your feelings with self-destruction. Turning to things like drugs and alcohol, casual sex and the avoidance of problems aren’t good things to do and are also strong signals that it’s time for a serious change.

3. You find your friendships aren’t changing for the better.

The way you see your friends and partners may be changing. You just aren’t seeing them the same way. Where you once sought to confide in them, it feels like they’re the last people you want to talk to. It’s another sign you’re outgrowing your own life. It may be time to get out there, do something you love, and meet new people while you’re at it.

4. How you once spent your time is unsatisfying.

Maybe at one point, there was a time in your life where you could roast a bowl and watch back to back episodes of Family Guy on Netflix, but these days, things may be changing. It may not feel as satisfying and amusing. If your old kicks aren’t doing it for you anymore, maybe it’s time to examine new hobbies and ways to amuse yourself.

5. Society starts looking idiotic to you.

This is the hardest one to deal with. When society starts looking like one big stupid game show, it’s a sign your soul isn’t just outgrowing your life, but your culture as well. It may be time to rethink your position in society and how you may break away, or work to make it better.

“Every step forward means tearing oneself loose from the maternal womb of unconsciousness in which the mass of men dwells.” – Carl Jung


Source: Higher Perspective