Day: September 5, 2015

How to Take Charge of Your Destiny, in Just 3 Steps. – Thousand Thoughts

Most of us lives a life decided by the beliefs we are surrounded with, we live a life that others want us to live, think of an employee, what he is doing?? He is living a life his boss wants him to live, even if it’s his life. Most of us are somehow living a life where we are governed by someone else and we, the one who have all rights on our life cannot even take a decision about it, that’s how most of us live and end up dying. I always used to think that what makes an employee work so hard day and night for someone else who cherishes the success actually achieved by him, why? Just because he feeds him? Just because he want to earn his living? But have you ever looked at his face? There is always a sense of insecurity of job, he might have earned enough money but ask him when did he laughed last, ask him when did he spent last weekend with his family.Create Your Destiny

Yes I may be wrong but this is something that I have seen many times and yes there can be exceptions as well. But they are the one who actually settles for the ordinary. They do smile but are they really happy? They do earn a lot but are they enjoying what they do? They end up doing things they do at a certain point of time.

I was there in a seminar of Les Brown, and there he shared in an ongoing conversation “I was my mama’s little Lessy, born in small town of Miami, mentally retarded at the age of five, thrown out of school in class five again and people used to call me ugly. If i would have settled for that I would be nothing and now you all know who am I today” and honestly the crowd there stood up to welcome a man whom they never have met but they gave him a standing ovation just because he is Les Brown, the same mamma’s Lessy.

All we need to do is to realize our potential and act upon it.

All it takes are the following three things:


  • Never quit on yourself

It’s your dream, it’s you who want to achieve that dream and its only you whom you should believe. There are only few percent of people who would be there for your support, very few will actually accompany you through the whole journey to success but you will find every second person against you, demotivating you telling that you can’t achieve it, remember what many people says “tujhse nhi hoga yaar” !!! you need to ignore such people and tell them to stay back and watch you doing what they thought is impossible.Uploaded till Date copy

In a conversation with Les Brown he told me that on his very first attempt to speak in public he was denied by the organizer nine times, yet he tried again and again asking him to speak and finally after nine attempts of failure, the organizer had to call him up as the main speaker had a pain in throat.

I asked Mr. Les “sir what made you do that even after getting rejected nine times?” and his reply made me think for few minutes. He said “ you may have to listen a NO thousand times but, you need to be Hungry” , these lines impressed me a lot and what I came with a conclusion People who are hungry are unstoppable and they don’t settle for excuses.

So guys start believing in yourselves and you can achieve the unachievable.



  • Do whatever it takes.

Decided what you want?? Are you firm to achieve what you always wanted?Courage

Take enough time to decide and think one more time what exactly you want in your life, once you come up with a mission or a dream to achieve you must not step back.  You can’t be casual about your dreams, you could have some rejections or may face some setbacks but all you need is to be determined and passionate about it, you need to stand strong and say loud that yes it’s me who will achieve the heights of success.

As I said earlier, you all have greatness in you and you should believe in your potential, that’s how you can achieve what seems to be impossible to others. You can come across with thousands of people who will never support you, you may have to face as many problems you never thought of, but remember when things go wrong don’t go with them.



  • Go Big or Go Home.

What if Bill Gates would have settled for few million dollars?? What would have been the scenario if the Legend Sachin Tendulkar would have retired after scoring first ten thousand runs?  Mahatria

The legends we talk about or the billionaires we get inspired from are the ones who never settled for anything, they always wanted more, more and more and that’s why they are the ones.

You need to dream big, think out of the box and probably you need to die what you are in order to give a birth to what you want to be. Once you decide to go with what you love you may face failure but you should focus on the happiness you will get once you are there. You need to dominate the failure with every success you get, because once you decide, things will work for you.

Never get demotivated by the failures, take them as lessons and use them in situations to come. Feel the moment when you reach your ultimate goal feel the happiness on your face when you achieve the success you always wanted, this will work as driving force for you.


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