Day: August 11, 2015

Direction is much more important than speed, many people moves no where very fast.

Almost all of the modern world is in a rush, constantly hurrying, however hardly any individuals have any idea exactly where they are going in their lives. To be at peace  with ourselves and take pleasure in life, we have to quit hurrying continuously.

Thousand Thoughts.

Urgency is the  tempo of the twenty-first century; hurrying has turned into an ailment of really dangerous levels. Many of us rush a great deal, we ultimately arrive at the place where we simply can’t relax. Life is too precious to rush through it. I find at times that a day has gone by in a blur; at the conclusion of it I know I was very busy all day yet cannot really remember enjoying much, if any, of it.

It is permissible to enjoy our morning coffee or tea without feeling we must hurry to get to the next thing. We can get dressed calmly without rushing. We can leave the house in a timely fashion, without frantically running out the door already behind schedule. Rushing is a bad habit, but we can break bad habits and form good ones to replace them. The way we get a day started is important.Often how we start is how the entire day goes. If you allow the “hurry-up” spirit to grab you early in the day, everything within you gets into high gear, and you will never seem to slow down or really relax the rest of the day. Hurry creates pressure that in turn creates stress.

Stress is the root cause of many illnesses and is therefore something each one of us desperately needs to resolve. Pace is very important in life. Our pace not only affects us but others around us. People who are always in a rush are usually short-tempered and impatient.

Our pace of living affects the quality of our lives. When we eat too fast, we don’t properly digest our food; when we rush through life, we don’t properly digest it either. Life has been bestowed unto us as a gift, and what a pitiful shame to do nothing but rush through each day and never, as they say, “stop to smell the roses.” Each thing we do in life has a sweet fragrance, and we should learn to take it into ourselves and enjoy the aroma.