Day: August 9, 2015

Rectifying the Law of Attraction. – Thousand Thoughts


Those who read The Bible must have read that it says, “Ask and You will receive”, the Law of Attraction also talks about the similar thing. You must have read THE SECRET, It also had dedicated some 200 number of pages on the same thing. But still it didn’t disclose that how you can actually receive what you ask for.

People do get what they ask for but still they are not satisfied or you can often find them complaining, talking about how unfair the universe is to them. Why do they still complain, why they are not satisfied even after they had received what they asked for?

The problem lies in the way they ask, for example; “Hey Lord! I want money, make me rich.” and the Creator listens to my wish and gives me a “Penny” and says “Here’s money for you my child, take it.”  Got the point?   You need to ask exactly what you want, If you want more, ask specifically, that this much money you want. If you want health, ask how much. You need to be very specific

Anthony Robbins once said in one of his seminars that Clarity is power, more specific you are, more powerful you are. And I believe this is the ultimate truth.

I want you to think of it once, remember what you have asked for and the way you asked for the same. You will find the reason why you still are not satisfied with it.

Thousand THOUGHTS“Life is all about choices, choose exactly what you want” – Rohit Kumar


Where do you see courage?

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says

I’ll try again tomorrow.” ― Mary Anne Radmacher


Courage can be seen in the tiny things (that have a not so tiny impact). Not everyone can save people from a burning building or rescue a person trapped in a car about to explode.

  • It is seen in the person who sees someone being bullied and either tells someone or tries to help.


  • It is seen in the person who fails a test in school, yet doesn’t give up and accept a poor grade overall… they work harder to improve.


  • It is seen in the person who witnesses someone doing something wrong and tells someone about it.


  • It is seen in the parent who gets on the roller coaster ride with their child to see their face light up.


  • It is seen in the person who goes into a strange neighborhood in a different part of town to help someone rebuild their lives (Red Cross, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity).


  • It is seen in your friend who tells you that you are not being nice and helps keep you accountable for your actions.


  • It is seen in the stranger who notices you dropped something and gets your attention to give it to you.


  • It is seen in your co-worker who hears you complaining about your workload and instead of commiserating with you, gives you advice to talk to your supervisor.


  • It is seen in your spouse who sees you working up into a tizzy over something and they say something to get you more centered and calm.


  • It is seen in the child going to school for the first time and they ask their parent to let them walk in on their own.


  • It is seen in the parent who has a child learning how to drive and they not only let them get behind the wheel, they get in the car with them while they learn how to drive.


  • It is seen in the person on the bus, who notices someone coming when the bus is starting to pull away and calls out to the bus driver to wait.


  • It is seen in the person who works to make themselves a better them and is open minded to change.


As you can see…. there are so many ways to witness courage if we take the time to look around us. Those small acts of courage grow and blossom into something larger than themselves and then, then you can really see the change.


Where do you see courage?