Scenario today, a Relationship Blunder.?

I was sitting at this bar, the corner table waiting for my friend for past 15 minutes, as much as I was pissed at him getting late I was constantly being bothered by my phone Buzzing every other second, it was my ex making every effort to get back into my Life. And there I see a Couple sitting right in front of my Corner Seat adding to my melancholically well planned meeting, engrossed in their violent yet so mundane conversation.

I can totally relate this so common act with the scenario today, a Relationship Blunder. What was the first impression that these words create on your mind? Is it that everyone seem to fight and cheat on each other all the time, as if it’s a norm???

“A person must be strong enough to to move on. The past is over. There are so many people who get into relationships fall in love and then get heart broken. When a person breaks your heart it’s best that you move on a leave for the better. Do not allow a person from your past pain come back into your life. If you must be alone for a while be alone. But do not let loneliness be a reason for you to go back to your ex. You must move forward”, says Marcus Gill.

What I think is that most of the Relationships these days are mere an outcome of anxiety, isolation and most importantly to pleasure the physical desires. Teenagers these days are not so involved into family interactions, in fact they prefer not to share even the smallest of their joy or sorrow. Here comes a feeling of loneliness at times, for which relationship seems to be the only way out. Can it be equated with love?

I loved this answer as provided by Marcus during our conversation; he says, “Well most people do rush into relationships because of loneliness. Who wants to be alone for lever? Not many. The hurtful part is the fact that lonely people will tolerate almost anything just to cure themselves. I would encourage people to understand true love. That fact that God is love and God is always with you means that you’re never alone and you’re never without love. Gods love always beats man’s love anyway.”

Another important point to keep in mind is that; a strong, healthy relationship can be one of the best supports in your life, and vice versa. It can improve all aspects of your life, strengthening your health, your mind, and your connections with others; and it can also affect you adversely. Remember; Relationships are an investment. It requires the your time and there should be a sense of belongingness. The more you put in, the more you can get back. When asked, Marcus gave me some really useful tips that can prove to be of real help. I would like to share a few with you.

Tip 1:    Do not commit to a relationship because of good looks. Indeed outward appearance is attractive and in most cases it does matter, but you will make a huge mistake if you do not take the time to get to know who a person is underneath all of their beauty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder right? That also counts for the beauty that we should see on the inside of a person. Don’t make a commitment to someone with a mask on. People do a really good job of hiding who they really are.

They may appear to be one way on the outside but deep down inside they are horrible. The mask may look good for now, but the mask will not stay on forever. Ask God to reveal to you what’s wrong that may not be so obvious. It’s a miserable experience to be in a committed relationship with someone who looks amazing but their personality is abominable.

Tip 2:    Enjoy your life’s journey. Avoid comparing your life’s journeys to other’s. If all of your friends are in relationships don’t let that be a reason as to way you feel the need to rush into one. Have you ever heard of the phrase keeping up with the Jones’? Thats what so many people end up doing.

Their best friend has a mate so they rush to get a mate. The relationship is all wrong. Be single and satisfied until God send you the right person! You do not have to rush the process just to keep up with others. Wait on God’s perfect timing. In fact, the same people that you may look at and admire may be in a difficult situation and you don’t even know it. Enjoy your privacy and peace. Go out and enjoy your life (even if you have to do it alone, it’s fun!) when the time is right your God sent mate will be revealed! Do not try to match your friends. Enjoy your own God created journey.


Let me now introduce you to this amazing man, Marcus. 

11791752_1667330443503463_671093240_nMarcus Gill Speaker, author, and pastor are some of the words used to identify Marcus Gill. He is the founder and CEO of Marcus Gill Ministries; a ministry that has been designed to reach lost souls and inspire believers.

With the use of clothing giveaways, food distribution, outdoor evangelistic worship experiences, conferences, television, online broadcasting and literature, Marcus has distributed God’s license for victory that can never be revoked. Known globally for his inspiring presence on social media, Marcus has been able to share God’s love with over 40 million people a week. He is the Founder and Lead Pastor of The Rush Church United in New Haven, Connecticut and New York City.

Connect with him on Facebook: Marcus Gill



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