Day: July 9, 2015

Live In the Moment…


“Sometimes you never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”  -Dr. Seuss



For us it’s difficult to appreciate what we have and to live in the Moment, we often take things for granted. For us it is tough to realize how important it is or how great we had before it’s gone. It is a human tendency to appreciate what others have, we always looks at the grass on the other side thinking it to be greener than ours. But we realise that it is same once we get there.

There are times that we wish that never happened. We do not care for the people that are important to us and hardly give time to our relationships. We tends to realize their true value once they are gone. You MUST set your priorities straight, know what you want at first place. Invest time on things that really need your attention,spend time with your loved one’s while they are still around. Tell them you love them.     This is your moment! Live It. 

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