Day: January 8, 2015

If You aren’t Doing What You Want, Then… What’s the Point?


In life we have choices. And sometimes we make the wrong ones.

In our youth, we fall down many times, we get back up and try again, we work ourselves into ruts, and we party ourselves into “situations.” We change our mind many times, and become frustrated at the process, defiantly and blindly choosing something by default. We study hard and then realize we hate the direction we’re headed

We delve into career paths and then decide they’re not for us. We build up the constructs of our lives – the house, the car, the job, the payments – and one day we wake up and realize we’re miserable. At this point, we’re faced with yet another choice: do I continue on in this path of misery because I’ve worked so hard for it, or do I make a change so that I can have the chance of achieving happiness? This might seem like an easy choice, but it certainly isn’t.

Starting over again from nothing isn’t a simple feat, and it certainly isn’t kind on the ego. You’ll be judged for your decision, your family will likely think your crazy, and your friends will try to talk you out of it. But guess what? Your friends and family are likely the ones who encouraged you into the path that ended up making you miserable, not on purpose of course; they want what’s best for you. But only you know what’s best for you. When you opt to take responsibility for your own life, you will make the latter choice. You will let go of your pride, and all of the constructs that reflect the progress you’ve made in your life, and you will start again.

You will go forth into a new path, and you will create a life for yourself that you love. When you make this decision, you are on your way to greatness. When you are willing to sacrifice everything in order to achieve the life you’ve always dreamed of, you will get there. Even just for the simple fact that you are no longer scared because you have nothing to lose – there’s nothing worse than the misery you know all too well. You are older now and you have clarity. Unlike before, you can now make the right choice based on experience. You were simply too young to know better before, and the mistake of going in the wrong direction because of that is all too common.

I can’t fathom why in the world anyone – our teachers, our parents, our government, or anyone else – would pressure us to make up our minds when we’re too young to decide correctly. Seems like a failure waiting to happen, doesn’t it? My argument is that the point of life is not to just get by. The purpose of your life is much greater than to go to work and make a pay cheque in order to pay rent and put food on the table. The purpose of your life extends much further than simply being able to access the necessities of living. And you should be able to live within your work as opposed to just outside of it.

The purpose of your life is to do something, be something, and live some way that makes you overwhelmingly, stupidly happy. The purpose of your life is to contribute something positive and remarkable to the world, and to leave your mark through something that is meaningful – both to you and others. The purpose of your life is to discover, learn, love, and be happy while breathing every single day.

If you find yourself at this difficult point – the crossroads of your life’s path – and are having difficulty deciding which road to follow, simply ask yourself the question…. …… If you’re not doing what you love, then what’s the point?

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