Day: December 12, 2014

Its Equally Difficult to be a Man In India !!!

I have been meaning to shout this out loud for too long. I finally get to pen it down. We all know it’s difficult to be a woman in India, it’s stressful and it’s scary. But have you ever thought about how it is to be a man in this country? Let me tell you, it’s horrible.1. I am a victim of generalization
No matter who does what, I’m called a rapist or a guy who doesn’t respect women.2. I am forced to consume feminist content each day stereotyping Indian men
Male-dominant society, dowry, rape, gender inequality etc etc. I feel miserable when I come across such news every day but I have no choice because I am the target. It doesn’t matter if I have respected every woman in my life with all my heart each day of my life.

3. I am always the criminal around a female
It may be the case that a girl just slapped me and I am just arguing but you’ll soon see a crowd gathering around me to beat me up most probably. I’m basically always a “dick” with a dick.

4. If I ever get raped (which is possible), there’s no law and order to fight for me
According to Indian law, the definition of rape starts with, “Any man subjecting a woman to sexual…” So I can’t go to court if ever I go through something horrific like this in my life.

5. I’m a gifted human being who faces no issues in life, at least according to the media
I may get sexually abused, beaten up by my wife or raped by a woman or men, this will never get reported because of course, I will be at fault somewhere there. And no, nobody would go on a candle light vigil for me.

6. I am judged no matter what I do
If I am really sweet and caring, I am gay. If I am a little shy around females, I’m a sissy. If I let my girlfriend be and I’m not romantic, I’m a typical “boy” and if I have a temper issue, I’m a guy with the biggest male ego on the planet.

7. There’s great possibility of me going behind bars at least once in my lifetime
There are so many laws protecting women against men and these have been misused as well but there are none to protect me in case my girlfriend misuses her right and takes advantage of the fact that there are no laws to protect me. I understand the intensity of the situation in our country but in this country itself, there are more boys who are sexually molested when they are young. What about that?

8. To get married, I need to go through an exam no matter how insulted I feel
I am grilled about my income by every girl’s father in an arranged marriage setting. I am forced to take dowry even if I say No. If I accept it without hesitating, I am a greedy pig. If I say No, I am “Proud”. I am asked all sorts of embarrassing questions about my job, my assets (no pun intended), my past, my present, my future and if there’s still time left, I’m asked if I want to get married. If I say No, there’s a whole new story to that.

9. I’m called orthodox if I try and protect the girls around me
I have no issues with girls wearing short clothes but knowing the society, if I request my girlfriend or sister to restrain from wearing revealing clothes on the streets, I’m judged. The “caring” part goes down the drain.

10. I’m constantly reminded that I’m a Man and sometimes, taught too
I am sick and tired of being taught to be what I’ve been for so many years. I’m a man and I know it but I don’t want to be bullied for that. “Be the man” is what everyone says easily but when it comes to feminism, man is equal to woman. First you confuse me by saying we need gender equality and the next minute you tell me to be the man and not cry. What should I do?In the whole process of protecting women and listening to news, you have forgotten that I’m a human being too. Why am I being punished for the crime I never even think of committing? I’m a man but I’m not a rapist or a sadist or a “typical Indian man” but there are some days, I’m forced to believe so.