Day: December 6, 2014

Men Abuse- Myths and Fact.

The history of the abuse of women is well documented and incontrovertible. Women have gained a respectable status in society over a period of time, people talk about equality for all, and they say men and women should be treated equally but, are they actually treated equally?? Women these days are more superior in fact they are made superior and somehow this has raised the issue of men security. What is more hidden and wrapped in myth is the fact of the abuse of men.

It is probably counter intuitive to think of men as subjected to emotional and physical abuse as the hands of women but it does happen. A study conducted by Dr. Robert J.Reid clearly points out the bitter truth that abused men are understudied and hidden.

There are also a number of myths surrounding the issue of abused men.


Myth 1: Men are not physically abused by women.

Fact: There is a 40% rate of domestic violence cases involving men being abused by women. Also, physical abuse of men includes being kicked, hit and forced to have sexual relations against their will, yes at times men are forced to have sex even if they don’t feel like having it. The non-physical abuse includes being the target of threats and the recipient of disparaging remarks and curses.


Myth 2: Men are not affected when women are abusive.

 Fact: Men suffer from depression as a result of being abused; in some cases this leads to complete mental disorders if not treated well in time. Men suffer in silence for a number of reasons, making them less likely to report the abuse. Men may be Embarrassed or think they can handle the abuse.


Myth 3: Men are free to leave abusive relationships as compared to women who often have children or money to worry about.

 Fact: In actuality, men have as much difficulty leaving abusive relationships as do women. As a result, they remain despite ongoing abuse. Some male victims also fear they may be ridiculed for admitting their female partner has abused them. A man who calls the police to report domestic violence is three times more likely to be arrested than the woman. Most victims actually minimize the violence that happens to them because of the guilt, shame, and self-blame attached to victimization, and because others do not believe them or refuse to listen. Leaving is often the hardest thing for a victim to accomplish, and is commonly harder than staying.


Myth 4: Domestic abuse affects only people from poor families or from minority groups.

 Fact: Domestic violence of all types does not discriminate. Families from all ethnic, racial and socio-economic groups are affected by domestic violence. It doesn’t categorize based on the earning per capita or the lifestyle one has neither on the basis of religion nor society they are living in. You can notice anyone suffering from Men abuse irrespective of his family or economic background, most common example is men being abused by their superior lady official in an office.


Myth 5: If domestic violence and abuse is ignored it will eventually end.

Fact: No problem can ever be solved if ignored again and again, the only way out is to face it, and put enough efforts to fight with the problem. The same is the case with men abuse, the history of domestic violence and abuse of all kinds clearly shows that, if ignored, it will become more violent and in some cases, ending in death. Therefore there is a need of awareness amongst people on how to deal with this, instead of ignoring they must help someone suffering from such violence.