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13 Facts About The Life Of Osho, The Indian Mystic. – Thousand Thoughts

Osho, the Indian mystic, spiritual guru or sex guru (for some) had an  immense impact on the culture and religion of India. Although,  originally from India, Osho faced various troubles and...

9 Recent Findings From The Fascinating World Of Ants – Thousand Thoughts

We can’t get enough of ants, those “little things that run the world” as they were described by renowned biologist E.O. Wilson. Myrmecology (the study of ants) still entices many scientists...

Trouble Relaxing in Shavasana? Here’s a Simple Practice that Can Help

What if you can’t relax—even after lying in the corpse posture for ten minutes? Unwinding is easier said than done—especially when you’re hyped up on coffee, negative emotions, hectic...

Story of a girl – “I Married a Stranger..” – Thousand Thoughts

I was on the bed, feeling terrified. I opened my diary and wrote, 'I married a stranger' and quickly hid it under the bed. My whole body was shaking. Read More

Meet The Stoner Chicks Who Showed Up And Smoked Out At The ‘Cannabis Cup’. – Thousand Thoughts

When it comes to getting blazed, nothing compares to the Cannabis Cup. It’s literally the Super Bowl of weed with only one big difference: Everyone leaves a winner! Read More

Matrix Star Keanu Reeves’ Heart-Wrenching Note About Life Will Inspire You To Never Give Up! – Thousand Thoughts

  With a brilliant career in Hollywood and three decades of awesomeness, Keanu Reeves life has time and again found a space in daily publications. However, he is one superstar who never blew...

This is How Far A $100 Bill Can Go. – Thousand Thoughts

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